Version 2 Log:

  • Now get a new dad more frequently
  • Balanced Dad Encounters
  • Can now view dad stats in the car by hovering over a dad
  • General bug fixes


Made for TOJam 2020.

You must build the ultimate team of dads to take a road trip across the country and acquire your newfound child.


  • Dad character creator
  • Drag dads into your car seat of choice
  • Drag dads into encounters
  • Collect new dads along the way
  • Strategize by selecting the best dad(s) for the encounter
  • Dad bantering to make you feel truly connected with them


Kezia Adamo

Sunny Evans

Stefania Medryk

Dustin Freeman

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorskezia, medryx, sunny evans, Escape Character
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
TagsCharacter Customization, dads, Roadtrip, Singleplayer


Download 59 MB
Download 59 MB


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Just finished streaming this for TOJam Minicade. I filled the ENTIRE van with Dads AND COMPLETED THE GAME. I doubt I'll be able to do this again. Here's the highlight (featuring a cameo from my daughter) :  

Ahhh thank you!! This is lovely!!


The game is great. I really like the character customization!


Haha, this is hilarious so far. Loving the storytelling. Not sure when I can get more than the first 2 dads. Also, is there a way to see my dads' stats, because I can't remember them anymore aside from maybe 1 each.


Haha it is really difficult to get more dads. You have to roll total success and only some of the encounters will give you a new dad.

There is no way to see the dads' stats right now but that is a feature we want to patch in for sure! Hopefully we can get that in within the next couple of weeks or so. 


Ah, well the best I've gotten on any encounter is a partial success, so that makes sense.


After creating 2 dads you'll encounter a dialog box:
"Next Encounter: Doing Expenses", "Choose Dad(s):"
DRAG a Dad (or both) to the BOXES


oh hell yeah


can;t wait to play this!!