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where do you use the black paint??

Hi Kez, Brilliant game you have created. May I ask what engine you used in creating your game? Feel free to respond any time.

Thank you very much! I used Unity. :)

Welp, I'm stuck at the socket door. I've been through everything and can't find the item to use on it, or where to use the spoon.

Look for a painting that's different from the rest. There's a bug where you can't examine it with E haha. I should probably patch that....

That's not what I need. I've gone through many times looking for everything and nothing has happened. Using all the items, including the black smile thing you get, all on the door twice. Using everything on the leaky one, but nothing has worked. This is why I'm stuck.

You'll need to use the spoon on the painting with the eye.

Actually your comment inspired me so I just patched it now haha.

Cool game however I don't know what to do after using the first match. none of the items in my inventory fit with the stuff I could use it on :-/

There is another match is that helps!

Yesh, I got that one.
But I'm left with loose wires and 2 happy locks.
And none of my 4 remaining items fits there. :-(
(Already used the first match)

Uhh there should only be one happy lock so that might be a bug if there is two. If so I apologize!

If you're at the door with the happy lock then you'll have to use the knife on something in the environment to get the key.